Welcome to the Foxes Class

(Year 3)

Welcome to all children and famillies visiting the Foxes class page.

We have a very fun and exciting year ahead of us, which will include learning in a variety of ways. The Foxes will be challenged to be creative and curious as we explore our curriculum.


Our topic this term:

Through the Ages 

(Stone Age to Iron Age)

The Foxes Team 

Class Teacher- Miss M. Anstey


Teaching Assistant- Miss Roberts


 Use this page to keep up to date with all our exciting news and feel free to speak to Miss Anstey if you have any questions.


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Flag Fen here we come...

A fantastic trip had by all at Flag Fen, Peterborough today!

The Fox class joined children from St. Thomas’ and visited a Bronze Age settlement. They had fantastic opportunities to apply their existing knowledge and learn new facts along the way.

 Some of the activities including sorting prehistoric artefacts into the different time periods they orginated from, making beautiful clay pots modelled on the Bronze Age designs and enjoyed a fantastic story told around a campfire inside a round house.


Stonehenge Creations

In History this week, the Foxes have worked extremely hard to create their replicas of Stonehenge using playdough. They showed great team work as they worked step by step, following instructions and learning about all the different elements that make up the monumental structure.

Rock Properties

In Science, the Foxes have been identifying different rock types and comparing them based on their properties. The children explored lots of different types and completed their own experiements to test the permability and density of rocks.

Curious Minds

This term the Foxes have been exploring and learning about different types of rocks.

They thoroughly enjoyed exploring outside to find natural and man made rocks. They compared these very well as they began to use their scientific vocabulary.

Page 1 - showing articles 1 to 4 of 4