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Welcome to a new year!

I would like to extend a warm welcome to all of our new little hedgehogs and their families as they join our wonderful Wyberton Primary School community. You all have a very exciting year ahead of you as we begin our learning journey together.

 Remember  that we are always trying to work together to  ensure your children make the best possible progress in their education. We can only do this if positive relationships are developed not only between staff and your children but also between staff and yourselves.

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The hedgehogs have had a really busy term - for all of the latest updates why not look at Mrs Taylor's Twitter feed @MrsTGreatOaks. 


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Outdoor Phonics

We love our outdoor area and we use it all the time to develop our phonics skills. The children love it when we hide sounds around the garden and they have to hunt for them and then use them to make simple words.outdoor phonicsoutdoor phonics

outdoor phonics

Magic Maths

We have been working hard all term to develop our understanding of place value. The Hedgehogs love our daily concept cartoon style investigations to discover the value of our new magic number.Place value activities

Super Star Handwriting

This term the Hedgehogs have been working on strengthening our writing muscles by taking part in lots of fun fiddling and twiddling activities. This has enabled us to become really succeArt of Glow tricky word 'the'ssful at starting to form letters and write words.

Tweezer activitiesPattern Boards


The Hedgehogs have been looking at the theme of diversity and have discussed what a boring world it would be if everybody looked the same. After reading the story of Elmer, the children were all invited to practise their colour mixing skills by creating their own patterned elephants.painting an elephant

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