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 iPad App of the Week

  • Bored of PowerPoint? Want some new and exciting ways to present your homework? Prezi is a fantastic piece of software for computers and iPads to do this- it is easy to use and looks great!

Websites of the Week

  • Thinkuknow ( is a brilliant, educational website all about e-safety. It offers children vital information about e-safety in a fun and engaging way.
  • Radio Junior- immerse yourself in the French language by visiting You might even hear some familiar songs! Can you teach yourself some new French words to amaze your class?

Maths Challenge of the Week

Can you solve this week's mighty Maths challenge? If you think you know the answer, let your teacher know. Answers will be revealed next week.

English Challenge of the Week

Compete against your family and friends to see who can find the most words in this week's exhilarating English challenge. What is the longest word you can find?