Squirrels (Year 5)


Welcome to the super Squirrel class.


We pride ourselves on being enthusiastic and passionate squirrels who work hard! The class teacher is Mrs Hodgson and the teaching assistants are Mrs Wilson and Mrs Duncan.


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Meeting an Author and Illustrator

We Will Remember Them

The Squirrel class presented a very moving and respectful remembrance assembly today. They used poetry, stories, songs and dance to share with the whole school and family members or friends the importance of this time of year. Thank you for delivering such an important message to such a high standards – Mrs Hodgson is very proud of you! Thank you also to Mr Ford for playing the piano during the service and for working with the Squirrel class and the school to learn our remembrance songs.

To explore how to separate different materials

Today in Science, the Squirrel class had a problem to solve! In the chaos of the Blitz, many materials had merged together and needed separating. The children worked in teams, with a range of resources on offer, to decide which resource would be best used to separate different materials. Through exploring, they discovered strategies that did and did not work. Some of the processes that were used were filtration (using mesh and paper), sieving and the use of magnets. We will take what we have learnt this lesson to plan our own investigation.  

Working with Transported Artists for the Illuminations Parade

    The Squirrel class were very lucky today to work with three artists who taught them how to make paper lanterns in preparation for the Boston Illuminations Parade. The children had to develop the skill of bending and sculpting the willow in order to make a bird cage (which represented imprisonment). Following this, they pasted paper onto the sculpture and added a silhouette of birds. It was lovely to see the children applying the school’s value of creativity and also our business and enterprise skills of taking a risk and team work. Seeing the children work and help each other made Mrs Hodgson very proud. Even when the process became tricky, every child demonstrated resilience. Well done Squirrel class.





Continuing Learning Outside of School

Thomas was inspired by his own interests and the work we have completed about World War 2 to design a plate at Cubs on this theme also; a great demonstration of aspirations to achieve.