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Taking to the Slopes!

Year Four had a wonderful two days at Tamworth Snowdome. The children from Wyberton worked with the children from St.Thomas’ School to experience a 2 hour ski lesson and test their balance during ice-skating. The children made great progress during their skiing lesson and were able to ski down a shallow slope while controlling their speed and when to stop.

More pictures can be viewed in the Gallery page.

Year 4 Classical Literature Fortnight

Classical Literature Fortnight – W/C 20th February 2017

The week commencing the 20th February 2017 was the start of our ‘Classical Literature Fortnight’.  Throughout the two weeks, each class across the school had to choose a classical text to study.  In Year 4, we chose ‘Oliver Twist’.  The children really enjoyed learning about this classical text as it allowed them to build upon their knowledge of a significant period in British history and a topic they had previously studied – The Victorian Period! 

Throughout the two weeks, the children had the opportunity to study this text in detail and they really enjoyed the cross-curricular links that were made.  Links were made with History, Computing, English, Science and PE and by the end of the fortnight, it was clear that the children’s knowledge and understanding of the key events of the Victorian period had deepened and so too, had their understanding of a significant leader in British history – Queen Victoria.

The picture below shows the children analysing a diary entry written from the point of view of a young girl living and working in a Victorian workhouse.  The children studied the text carefully (in pairs) before exploring what information it gave us about life in a Victorian workhouse and how young children were treated by the cruel workhouse master.  The children then used this information to help them write their own diary entry from the point of view of the character Oliver Twist about his life in the workhouse under the care and supervision of the cruel, vindictive Mr Bumble!

Year 4 Viking Workshop

Year 4 Viking Workshop – Wednesday 6th December 2016

On Wednesday 6th December 2016, Year 4 had the opportunity to take part in a Viking Workshop in order to consolidate their learning on the Anglo-Saxon and Viking periods in history. 

Throughout the day, the children had the opportunity to learn about various aspects of Viking culture including Viking clothing, wool spinning, quilling and Viking armour and weaponry.  The children also had the opportunity to make their own Viking penny and try on traditional Viking clothing.


The children really enjoyed the workshop and it gave them the opportunity to ‘experience’ Viking life. 


Here are some quotes from the children about the day:

“Blowing the horn makes me happy!” (Tanisha)

“Making my own Viking coin was brilliant!” (Brooke)

“I enjoyed using the quill pen to do ink writing.” (Sofia)

“I liked dressing up and looking at all the artefacts.” (Charlotte)

“I like making music with the horn and doing the rubbings with the carvings.” (Jayden)


Year 4 - Term 3

Welcome Back to Term 3!

Welcome back to Term 3! The children have had a busy but exciting start to the term and have fully immersed themselves in our new topic of ‘The Terrible Tudors!’.  Both myself and Mrs Duncan have been really pleased with how well the children have settled back into work and are producing some fantastic pieces of work. 

Please click the link below to access our Spring Term Newsletter.

Spring Term Newsletter

Our term began with a ‘Maths’ focus.  We provided the children with a number of key dates from the Tudor period in history and asked them to create a timeline of the key events.  This activity was a fantastic opportunity for the children to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of ordering 4-digit numbers and to identify for themselves, which events they felt were of the greatest significance to the Tudor people but also to us, today.  There was some great discussion going on as to which event they felt had had the greatest impact on us today.  Well done Year 4! 

Wherever possible, we are trying to teach a thematic curriculum enabling the children to learn about the Tudors in their English and Humanities lesson.  We have recently started a new non-fiction unit of work on ‘News Reports’ and to introduce the topic to the children, we set up a ‘hook’.  We placed a number of items (clothing, artefacts etc.) and key vocabulary related to ‘The Battle of Bosworth Field’ and asked the children to becoming ‘roving reporters’.  They had to work together in small groups to generate questions and discuss their initial ideas.  The children really enjoyed this activity and it was nice to see the children using our core value of ‘Curiosity’ as they explored the scene. 

Dates for your Diary:

On Tuesday 7th February 2017, Year 4 will be having their class assembly.  The children have been working extremely hard to prepare for this assembly and are excited to share their ideas with you whilst also sharing some important messages on the theme of ‘E-Safety’.  We look forward to seeing you there.

Wyberton Primary School Christmas Carol Service - 9th December 2016

Christmas Carol Service - 9th December 2016

On Thursday 9th December 2016, Wyberton Primary School held their annual Christmas Carol Service at St Thomas’ Church.  The Carol Service was attended by all staff and children within Key Stage 2 and was a fantastic opportunity to share and spread the special message of Christmas with the family and friends of Wyberton Primary School. 

Throughout the carol service, the children of Wyberton Primary School shared a very special story with the congregation – The Christmas Story.  Evie and Rudi began the service with a reminder that Christmas is a very special time of year.  It is a time to come together with family and friends to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ but also a time to reflect on the past year and the wonderful things you have done.  The celebration of Christmas is often accompanied by the giving and receiving of presents and cards.  This reminds Christians of the gift of Jesus, the son of God, beginning his earthly life.

Children within Key Stage 2 were chosen by their class teachers to deliver readings to the congregation.  This year, we decided to share a number of Christmas and Winter poems alongside more traditional religious readings.  





We were also very fortunate to be joined by the Wyberton Primary School Choir.  The children in the choir have been working extremely hard practising a number of traditional Christmas hymns and carols which they were delighted to share with their family and friends.

It was a truly wonderful afternoon and we would like to take this opportunity to thank all who attended and contributed to making the service extra special.



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