Business and Enterprise




At Wyberton Primary School we are dedicated to providing all our students with an education that develops their mind, body and soul. Creating a curriculum where business and enterprise elements are fed through everyday subjects and provides quality opportunities for work related learning and experiences, which will support our pupils to become successful employees, employers and parents of the future. As a school we have high expectations of all of our pupils to aspire and be motivated for the future. Providing business and enterprise afternoons, Careers Week and well planned activities, our curriculum will help pupils to develop their citizenship skills in order to make positive contributions to modern Britain and the wider world now and in the future.


Overall aims

  • Increase pupil’s self-confidence, aspirations and commitment to learning through the work related curriculum by direct and indirect experiences.
  • Plan and deliver a broad and balanced curriculum that promotes the spiritual, moral, social and cultural values within the school and local community.  
  • Encourage positive attitudes to life-long learning.
  • Enable pupils to gain experience of working practices and/or environments in school and in the outside environment.
  • Facilitate pupil’s awareness of local and national employment opportunities.
  • Increase pupil’s understanding of the economy, enterprise, finance and the structure of business organisations and how they work.
  • Extend pupil’s ability to relate their own strengths, attributes and achievements to career intentions and make informed choices.
  • Recognise, develop and apply their skills for enterprise and employment.



What are our Enterprise Skills?

 Problem Solving        Taking Risks     Money       Team Work

Leadership and Responsibility and  Decision Making


Raising Aspirations During Career’s Week

There was a real buzz around the school during Career’s Week where many children experienced a rage of different careers. We are very thankful to all the volunteers and local businesses and organisations that gave up their time to support Wyberton Primary School during Career’s Week.

How many different career paths can you spot from these photographs?