With the introduction of the new Primary National Curriculum, I.C.T is now known as Computing. The curricuUsing iPads to support learninglum has changed and been adapted because children are increasingly confident with using technology. At Wyberton Primary, we have iPads for each class to access, along with laptops, Apple Macs, dataloggers for Science and voice recorders. However, first and foremost, we teach children e-safety- the need to stay safe online. This underpins our lessons across the curriculum and the children recognise that they must be responsible users of technology.

Teachers use iPads as assessment tools, by taking photos, recording sound bites, making videos and writing observations of the children's learning. The children recognise how technology can help their learning too, by using apps specific to their topics. They enjoy creating Aurasmas explaining what they are learning about, making iMovies and independently extending their own learning.

Programming is an important part of the new curriculum and it involves the use of algorithms and the process of debugging. Websites such as Scratch are great tools for developing the children's programming abilities; there are also many apps on the iPads to support the children learning these skills (including Hopscotch and A.L.E.X). As well as using Scratch, the children also have access to Purple Mash- a fantastic resource for Computing and other areas in the curriculum.

As a school, blogging is promoted with the children. Class pages are created and they provide our children with a worldwide audience to read, celebrate and comment on their work. We use the safe website to create the blogs- this school blogging service is easy to use for the children. We will soon be posting links of class blogs for you to enjoy

If you would like more information on our Computing curriculum, please speak to Mr Hawkins.


In a world where technology continues to grow, staying safe on the internet is of a vital importance and we emphasise this across our curriculum. Our P.S.H.E, which is also interwoven across the curriculum, helps to develop the children's appreciation of staying safe online. When websites are used in class, teachers make sure that they are safe and suitable for the children, drawing this to their attention. Children are encouraged to be responsible users of technology and know how to keep their passwords safe, report any concerns and know which websites to access. All of our classrooms have QR codes for the website, along with logos for the CEOP website so the children are familiar with this icon.

We have a responsibility to ensure our children are safe on the internet and when using technology and we greatly appreciate the support of parents. If you or your child would like more information on e-safety, here is a list of great, safe websites for you to access:




CBBC Stay Safe

Childnet International


Digizen cyberbullying

Kidsmart, SMART rules

Internet Watch Foundation

Childnet, Know It All

Visit our Policies page to view our E-safety and Responsible Use of Techology policies.


National Safer Internet Day- Tuesday February 10th

Tuesday 10th February saw the world celebrating Safer Internet Day, promoting positive uses of technology and ways to become responsible, safe users of the internet. At Wyberton Primary School we learnt about this, ensuring we know how to use technology and the internet in positive and safe ways. 

If you would like more information on this event, please visit

Although e-safety is part of all of our lessons when technology is used, each class embraced Safer Internet Day. Some of our engaging activities throughout the day included taking part in an e-safety debate, writing a balanced argument into positive or negative uses of the internet, collecting data regarding home use of technology and learning songs for staying SMART and using zip it, block it and flag it.

School Council also led an assembly to the whole school, highlighting key scenarios and messages. Well done!

Here is our display, celebrating our work from the day: