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Treats fit for Olympians

Our last activity of the year saw us creating healthy snacks for our Olympians during Olympics Week.  As a class, we researched slow release energy foods and created and sold oat biscuits and pasta salad.  They were very tasty.


Careers Week

During Careers Week, we became meteorologists.  The children learned about the important role a meteorologists play in predicting the weather and keeping people safe.  After researching instruments which measure the weather, we decided to create our own.  We then learned about the different types of clouds.  Following on from this, we laid back and observed the different cloud types above our school and used chalk to record our observations.  This was quite tricky as the clouds moved across the sky quite quickly.




In our learning about weather, we created our own compositions in music to represent a storm.



In Dance, we went outdoors and created our own rain dances.


French Day

The children in the Foxes and Kingfisher classes learned key words and phrases for ordering food.  They then put this into practice when ordering food.  We loved tasting some of the French foods we had learned about.



Foxes visit to Caythorpe PGL

On Monday 13th June, the Foxes class visited Caythorpe PGL.  They took many risks and pushed themselves physically and emotionally in order to complete the activities.  Despite a very wet and rainy day, each and every one of them shone brightly.  We were very proud of them all.









High Ropes













Term 5 - Life as a pond creature

Wildlife in the classroom

For the remainder of the week, we observed the eft we had caught on Tuesday.

‘It now has front legs.  Look, it is walking along the bottom with them.’ Isabelle

‘Our tadpoles now have back legs and a very fat tummy.  Look at the mouth, it is munching on the pond weed.’ Isabelle 


We used our experience of pond dipping and observations of creatures to write from the viewpoint of a newt.

In the early morning breeze, I sat on my lily pad which was near the pond full of creatures.  Near me, the sun kept me warm while I finished my morning feast of flies on flies.  Soon, it got very cold and I slithered into the pond. 

On my way down to the diving show, I saw a family of leeches. There were at least 20 of them and they crept closer to me and I felt like they were going to suck my blood.  I sneaked quietly to a different hiding place.

I realised that it was very peaceful here so I roamed around. Then I saw feet, six of them to be exact.  The slowly emerged into the water and then back out again.  I swam to the surface and found that they belonged to a pond skater.  I silently zoomed out of this area.


I swam a little deeper, but as I did I found myself in a pondweed forest.  I felt petrified because I was lost.  Gradually I came across a small, white creature which seems to be the most common creature in the pond.  I knew they were called water fleas and they helped me to find my way back out of the gloomy pondweed.

I heard a loud noise above me.  I started to kick a little bit more furiously.  After a little while, I thought that whatever was making the loud noise was gone.  I poked my head out of the water, hoping it had gone. 


Splash!  A gigantic net crashed into the water.  It was coming towards me.  I tried to escape, but I did not make it.  As I got scooped up, I saw things I had never seen before and was put in a cylindrical, orange bucket.


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