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Reception Have Been Getting Back To Nature!

Harvey with his pond creatureAlthough in truth - we are always outdoors feeling connected with nature but we took it up a notch this week!

The whole school has been undertaking one of our themed weeks - this one was called 'At One With Nature Week' and involves each class choosing an aspect of their science curriculum and contextualising it to our wonderful outdoor grounds.

We chose to look mostly at the pond.

After our outdoor fire bowl launch assembly, we began the week with an extended session pond dipping. The children had done some prep work in class debating what they thought we might find in the pond - and what we wouldn't! They worked in small groups with a bucket of pondwater. They caught creatures and carefully put them in the bucket and tried to work out what they were.

Following on from this we talked about the word habitat and how the pond is a habitat for many creatures. We drew this habitat as well as some close up studies of some of the creatures within it.

Later in the week the children collected natural objects to use in order to design their own pond creature using a lump of clay. They then created an image of the habitat that their creature would need. What a full week!Harvey's habitat for his creature




Maisy's wax resist of a newt's habitat





Pond Dipping








Willow's snail study











Dayla's tadpole study








Zac's Pond Creature

Our Growing Chicks

Reception's chicksOver the past term our chicks have done a lot of growing! The children check on them regulalry and we have regular sessions of handling them to make sure they are tame and not stressed by being in school. Mr taylor (Mrs Taylor's husband) has been into school to fix their coop so that it is raised high off the ground and fox proof and the chicks love it!

The children have already spotted how the chicks are not only getting bigger but are changing colour - their crops and wattles are beginning to grow and turn pink! The chicks love cabbage and millet - as well as their usual growers pellets, and will come running when they hear their nick name - 'monkey chicks!' They gained this name by all the monkey business they get up to - such as escaping and sending plumes of dust here, there and everywhere as they enjoy their dust bath!


Reception's chicks

Our Amazing Farm Visit!

This week we have been continuing to learn about where our food comes from. To support this we went on a visit to Whillouby Farms - the supplier of our hot school meals, in order to learn about how our food gets from the farm to our plates.

Farmer Stuart talking about cowsFarmer Staurt and his wife were incredibly knowledgable and were not phased by any of the children's questions. We leanred about planting crops, caring for cows and enjoyed a lovely meal there as well. The children got to see how their food is not sourced from the supermarkets - as many belived, but comes from farms such as this. They realised that the burgers they enjoy so much are actually made from cows and that cows can only produce the milk we drink after having a baby. The children saw calves drinking from their mother - which answered their questions about how the milk is taken from a cow.

The day was an incredibly valuable learning experience for the children and we are very thankful to the farm for doing this for us.

Happy Chicks and Happy Children!

 All week we have been loving having our little chicks in the classroom. They all certainly have their own characters and have already trained the children to give them food! We are loving having little cuddles and watching their antics as they roam about their run and practise flying!


A couple of Reception children holding chicksA couple of Reception children holding chicks



Well what an exciting week the Hedgehog class has had!

On Tuesday an incubator full of eggs arrived and we have been watching them all week as they hatched!

We now have 9 beautiful chicks to care for.

We have themed a lot of our learning around the chicks - there have been lots of circle times about chick care, guided reading sessions based on chick development and maths sessions based on measuring the chicks. The children and parents have been so enthusiastic about the whole project - all of the parents have been in to visit the chicks as well as many siblings and grandparents as well.

We will be having 2 chicks as our class pets after the others return to the Happy Egg farm. The children have suggested their names - we will be drawing these out of a hat next week.

Eggs in an incubatorThe first chick to hatch
Nine hatched chicks