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Fantastic Literacy Fortnight

Hungry Caterpillar Pattern workThe second half of the spring term has kicked off with a fantastic literacy fortnight!

Our focus text was The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle. The children really enjoyed, amongst other things, reading and re-reading the text; watching and comparing the animation of the story to the book; picking out the fiction and non-fiction aspects of the story; creating patterns using images from the story; and making their own versions of parts of the text.

In Science the children looked at the lifecycle of the caterpillar and then went on to look at the lifecycle of the honey bee as well.A hungry caterpillar paper chain patternthe life cycle of the honey bee by a reception child

Meet a Creature Experience

Reception children with a corn snakeThe nursery and reception class were very lucky to have a visit from the Meet A Creature experience lead by a fantastic animal handler called Dean.

The children got to learn about, look at and hold many different small creatures such as snakes, spider, lizards and rats.

The children got a wealth of first hand experience from this and really developed thier confidence throughout the session.

Mini Beast Hotels

A reception child with his minibeast hotelMini Beast Hotels

This week in Science the children learned that Little owls are declining because of the use of insecticides - which are killing off thier food source.

The children wanted to help so we spent an afternoon creating mini minibeast hotels for the children to take home and place in their gardens.

The children collected resources from the school grounds, after looking at the resources used to make our big minibeast hotel in the garden. They then used some old plant pots to construct their hotels.A reception child with his bug hotel

Barn Owl Studies

A collage barn owl owletBarn Owl Studies

The children have been fascinated with owls so we used this to begin to learn about the growth of these creatures. After reading some information texts about barn owls, and how they grow, the children created their own baby barn owl using collage.A baby barn owl collage

Nocturnal Animals

A nocturanl animal splatter painting of a batNocturnal Animals

As part of our Science studies the children have been investigating which animals come out at night and which come out during the day. They learned that these aniamls are called nocturnal and diurnal. To help to secure this knowledge they created nocturnal animal splatter paintings.A nocturnal animal splatter painting of an owl

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