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Digging together

gardening   gardening

gardening   gardening

The children really got stuck in and learnt how to dig up weeds in order to prepare the ground for new vegetables and plants for our next topic today. Once they understood the safety aspects and technique of removing weeds, they got straight to work. Team work was evident througout the task and all the children enjoyed tackling the larger weeds. Once the soil had been turned over by Dylan, Jared and Alana some others then decided where to plant the flowers and vegetables. The children are very excited about the responsibility of watering them daily and watching them hopefully grow to create some beautiful sights and tasty produce.

'This is the best day ever-I don't have a garden and I have never done this before. It's brilliant. I understand how to dig out weeds,' shared Olivia.

At One wth Nature

'I know this will deciduous because it has fallen from the tree and has begun to turn a different colour. It is a simple and lobed leaf-I think it is an Oak leaf,' explained Billie-Jo

Look who has been busy? The Kingfisher's have been hunting around the grounds for interesting leaves so that they could make osbervational drawings. Once they had made a sketch the children then made detailed notes about the leaves. They included scientific and mature words such as compound, lobed and non-lobed, deciduous and evergreen. Scientists of the future for sure.

leaf drawing   leaf drawing

leaf drawing   leaf drawing

leaf drawing

Writing as an author

The Kingfishers have been exploring ways of writing as an author. After reading the story of 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory', the children looked at features of the story and identified specific skills that the author used. The children are building up to writing their own story applying some of those features. So far we have been very impressed and that's just with the openings. Great job Year Two!

roald dahl style writing

Jingles for chocolate

To conclude our topic of 'Chocolate' the children have been writing and creating their own music jingles to sell a chocolate bar. After starting with a song they progressed onto adding instruments and a sequence of music to accompany it in small groups. We really were impressed - especially when a rhythm was sustained.

music jingle   music jingle

Caring for the elderly

After receiving a letter from a fictious Care Home the Kingfishers have been working hard to research on the iPads, measure the length of plant boxes and search the school grounds for areas of the school that the elderly would find wonderful places to sit, talk or plant their own flowers. The children were extremely creative and decided that scented and brightly coloured flowers would be most appropriate. After measuring on the playground with metre sticks applying their Maths skills, the children began to look at the quantity of flowers that could possibly fit in the planters.

'Imagine - what the elderly would say. Oh I think they would appreciate our hard work,' shared Chloe A.

   measurin lines   measuring lines

designing a garden  designing a garden


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