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A Superb Sports Day

Look at the excitement we all had on Sports Day.

Here we are all ready in our house team colours cheering on all of our friends throughout the school.


Kingfishers go chocolate mad!

Today we have been investigating the melting of chocolate. We had 3 different types of chocolate: a creme egg, maltesers and chocolate eggs.

We made predictions about what we believed would happen and then went and placed them out in the sun.

We used our scientist observational skills to make observations about what was happening in the investigation and discussed what would affect and change th results.

Here's a few pictures and comments from our fun experiment:

In the beginning-the eggs were solid.

'Sweating Chocolate'.

Not a lot happened in the first 5 minutes!

It began to sweat after 10 minutes before the creme egg began to explode.


'The cream egg exploded from the seam'.

' I was suprised that the malteasers didn't just melt the quickest and turn into mush'.

' The chocolate began to sweat and it looked like there was condensation on the eggs'.



Today saw our annual MFL day. In Key stage one we were fortunate enough to be able to explore the Palace de Versailles and it's wonderful creations.


Look at the great activities we got to take part in during our special day of learning.

Margnificent Measuring

This week we have been busy applying our skills of reading scales in 1's, 2's. 5's and 10's we have also read scales of 100's and 500's.

We have measured mass, height, length, capacity and temperature.

Look at the fun we've been having. How fantastic it was!

Here are some of this weeks memomrable comments:

'The temperature in this container is a lot colder than under my armpit. I predict that it's 2'c.

Wow my prediction was reasonable because I said 2 and it was 1'c'.


'I didn't think I weighed that many kilograms. That is a lot of bags of pasta and sugar!'

'The container is half empty but it weighs the same as when it was bought. Miss Harrison, have you really used half of the container?'



Mmmmm Chocolate!

This term our topic is Chocolate.

We will be very busy learning about the origins of chocolate from the Aztec era and how it has developed and changed over time. We will be using our geographical skills to locate Mexico and identify it's physical and human features

We will be investigating Chocolate in preparation for our enterprise event-Chocolate breads and hot cross buns- which will you choose?

DT this term will involve the design and making of transportation for Chocolate. Please save your child a cereal box to support with this construction. I'm sure we will have some fascinating designs with our class' curious minds.

Within English,  we will be learning about Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Get caught reading Kingfishers to earn yourself a step up the reading race.



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