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Classical Literature Fortnight

In Kingfishers, we have begun reading Charlotte's Web by E.B.White.

We have had lots of fun writing our own descriptions of the barn and characters and we have even started getting ourselves familiar with the key events of the story through drama and role play of the different scenes.

Take a look at some of our lovely learning. We made sure we got out into the story tellers garden to share the first chapter and some of our own writing.

As part of Science this week, we have investigated the lifecylce and food chain of spiders.  After reading about Charlotte being quite blood thirsty and carniverous it led us onto a nature walk. Look at the spiders webs we found. Who would like to live in a home like this?


Don't forget Thursday is World Book Day-What will you come dressed as?

I wonder if Kingfishers will be full of farmers, pigs and spiders linked to Charlotte's Web.


The Book Fair is in school- so don't forget to spend your World Book Day voucher to buy an exciting title to enjoy!

Busy Birdwatchers!

Kingfisher's have had a busy morning, outside observing the birds for the RSPB's School Birdwatch.

We've had lots of opportunities to research the characteristics of each species and their calls to improve our identification and recording.

We have used the data from our birdwatch to create block graphs and we will be submitting our data to the RSPB.

As you can see we had a muddy, but fun experience!

Magnificent Multiplication

This week we have started to learn multiplication. We started by exploring multiplications through grouping and arrays.

We found out lots of different vocabulary that means to multiply.

We are now working on solving multiplication problems using arrays and grouping.


We have learnt about the sculptor Henry Moore. We have started to use pastercine to experiment with scultpting. To begin with, we sculpted faces and facial features using our hands and clay tools.


The Day the Fire Service came to Wyberton

A huge thankyou to firefighters Phil and Darren who came to school on Thursday bringing with them a " giant, noisy, engine of fun". Darren and Phil shared a fire safety video with the children to learn about fire safety in the home and to raise awareness of having a fire escape plan.

Do you have one?

Our children were extremely sensible and responsible and were able to ask many challenging quesions to the fire fighters:

"How do your clothes protect you?"

"How many fires have you dealt with in the past week?"

"Why are there less fires now than in the past?"

Our children were then able to go outside and have chance to look at the uniforms and the lifesaving equipment on board to rescue people and put out fires. Phil even put on the "ear piercing siren and beautiful, blue, flashing lights".

Finally we were able to put on the helmet and have a turn at aiming and using a hose to put out an imaginary fire.

We had great fun and we have now applied that into our writing.


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