We are delighted to accept this letter from Parliamentary Under Secretary of State For Childcare and Education For Children, to tell us that we have won an award for being 'One of the highest achieving schools in the country in terms of the attainment and progress of your disadvantaged pupils of 2011.'


Nursery's 'My First Poem' Competition!



17/07/2017   Apollo 5 Music Celebration at the Stump with Key Stage Two

Key Stage Two were lucky enough to be invited to the Stump today where music group Apollo 5 delivered an afternoon workshop enabling over 500 pupils from the surrounding area to unite in song.

01/07/2017   Interview with local MP

 School Council interview local MP Matt Warman

Both School Councils within the Great Oaks Federation had an exciting Friday morning. Basing themselves in the library at Wyberton, children and staff welcomed the MP Matt Warman. Very quickly Holly, Poopy, Thomas and Charlie explained how they had run their campaigns and produced their own manifestos too. Matt was impressed with the ideas and how successful they had been. He is very interested to see how the winning party carries these ideas through now. After this, both Councils had the opportunity for a question and answer session. There were some very thoughtful questions posed from boths schools.'

How long does it take to write a manifesto?'

Well the local ones is a much simpler task because you know the issues and what the problems are. I then have to convince the government that Lincolnshire requires this money. Centrally - we work together and think about national issues. These can take up to six weeks.

Why did you pick your profession?

I used to write for the paper. But all I was doing was writing about issues and I wanted to change things. I recognised that hard problems would take longer to fix. As a child I thought I might be a train driver  and writer.

Who has inspired you?

My family have always inspired me but supporting and shaping me. My dad grew up in the war and did National Service. One of my teachers, like my father was keen to instill how you help your family and others. Finally, Peter Lilly, a MP. He was absolutely dedicated in explaining ideas to convince others to engage with your ideas.

As always the pupils were an absolute credit to the schools with their behaviour, engagement and presentational skills.

30/06/2017   Warwick Castle, Woburn and Warner Brother's Studios Wow!


Year 6 have recently returned from their amazing residential, visiting sights including Warwick Castle, Woburn Safari and the Harry Potter Studios Tour. An amazing time was had by the children and staff - a huge thank you to all of them for making it such a fantastic trip.

If you would like to see photos of our trip, you can view them in the gallery by cliking here.

29/06/2017   Halford's Bike Workshop

 Deer Class were visited by representatives from Halfords, who came to teach us about how to maintain our bikes and keep them safe.




Thank you to Halfords for giving up their time to visit us!

"I know how to fix my chain if it comes off again now," said Austin.

28/06/2017   Year Five Festival

Year Five visited Middlecott Secondary School to take part in the Year Five festival. The children developed their athletic techniques and took part in a rocket launching science experiment!