We are delighted to accept this letter from Parliamentary Under Secretary of State For Childcare and Education For Children, to tell us that we have won an award for being 'One of the highest achieving schools in the country in terms of the attainment and progress of your disadvantaged pupils of 2011.'


Nursery's 'My First Poem' Competition!



26/09/2017   World War Interviews

Tobe able toask questions toretrieve information

Toretrieve information through discussions

Today we interviewed a RAF pilot, an evacuee child and a victim of the Blitz.

 Meet Jake the victim of the Blitz bombings.

Kayden: what do you do during a blitz attack?

If the air raid siren went off we would go to the air raid shelter to get cover to keep us safe.

Sophie: explain what it was like during a raid?

Glass smashed everywhere and bombs were incoming. Rapidly people got out of the streets. There were loud thumps and bangs.

Davey: when the buildings were falling down where did you hide?

We went to the air raid shelters.

 Charlotte: discuss the sounds you could hear.

Guns and bombs whistling through the air.



Meet India an evacuee child.

Charlie: where did you go when you were evacuated?

I went out to the countryside on a train and stayed with a nice family.

Charlotte: explain how you felt leaving home.

It was very scary leaving mum and with the war on also it was very scary. It was also rather exciting to go and meet a new family.

 Alex: what was it like in the train station?

It was very crowded and there were lots of children with teachers and parents. When we got on the train there were lots of mums waving goodbye.

Ky: tell me what it was like on the train.

It was exciting but very busy and crowded. There were lots of children - many were crying.





Meet Thomas – a pilot in the RAF

Oron: what was your opinion of being in the RAF?

It was very scary because the plane may have been shot down. It was my job to fly the plane and to decide when to drop bombs. I felt proud fighting for my country.


Jack: what would you wear when you were fighting?

I needed to wear an oxygen mask to overcome the g-force and we also wore a parachute.


Sophie: what were the conditions like inside the plane?

There was very little room and it was very cramped. It was very noisy in the plane.

15/09/2017   Historical Detectives

Before focusing on queens and castles in more detail, we started our topic learning by becoming historical detectives! Looking at different sources (including using our reading skills when reading websites), we learnt about different famous, historical people. Do you recognise any of the figures in the photograph below? We now know key information about the famous people... ask us anything about them!

14/09/2017   Marvellous Maths - place value

Our Maths learning this week continues our focus on the place value of two-digit numbers. To improve our understanding, we have been using Dienes to represent different numbers up to 100. We have applied this knowledge to partition numbers into tens and ones, as well as solving our first concept cartoons. Our mathematical reasoning is already improving - well done Kingfishers!

13/09/2017   George and the Dragon

Our English lesson have taken a fiery twist this week, focusing on George and the Dragon. After reading and retelling the story to develop our oracy skills, there was a strange noise from outside. We crept outside and saw dragon prints, so we followed them and stumbled upon a nest... with two colourful dragon eggs inside! Bringing them back to the classroom, we wrote a letter to the dragon, encouraging it to return to take care of the new hatchlings. Take a look in our English books to see our fantastic writing!

13/09/2017   War-Time Communication: Using Semaphore Flags