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This is a very exciting journey for you and your child as they grow and learn. To embrace the early learning of all children, activities are planned around their needs and interests. We believe in following their lead whilst moving their learning forward. 

Take a look at some of the exciting things Nursery get up to! Also take a little time to explore the whole website as you will find useful information about what Nursery is getting up to within the school.

The setting is open 8:00am - 5:30pm for children 3 years of age or above, term time only. If you have any questions, would like a copy of our prospectus or would like to arrange a show round of the Nursery please contact the school office to arrange this.

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Nursery Garden nearing completion

Dear Parents & Carers,

Firstly thank you for your patience whilst the Nursery garden is being improved.  This project is almost ready but we are waiting for a tree to be removed and a new section of fencing to complete the works.  We will inform you of the opening soon.

From time to time other adults will be working with the children in Nursery.  This might be to cover absence or, in the case of a current member of staff, it may be as part of their own professional development.  We are fortunate to have a very experienced team of qualified staff to enhance your child’s learning journey including;

Emma Taylor – Early Years Foundation Stage Leader,



Alli – currently on maternity leave

In addition, your child may work with:

Lucy-Jane Sampson / Pat Young – phonics

Lucy Tebbs – additional cover for absence

Stacey Clarke – on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons and all day Friday as part of her Early Years Foundation degree professional practice.  She will have Key Worker responsibility for some children in the nursery, carefully supported by Mrs Taylor.

If you have any concerns or require information, please make an appointment to meet with either Mrs Taylor or myself.

Yours faithfully,

Ms S Paul,

Head of School.

Great Oaks Federation @GreatOaksFed

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