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World Book Day 2017

The children all took part in dressing up as a book character for 'World Book Day'. Throughout the week the children participated in various activities based around the story of 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar'. Nursery also shared stories with the Year 3 class which we loved!



Little Red Riding HoodSharing Stories Playdough Caterpillars




This term the children have been learning about the variations of transport and road safety. The children have taken part in lots of exciting activities. 


The children created traffic lights and discussed how they work.

Making traffic lights

"The middle is amber and red is stop and green means go!" explained Jacob


We made our own vehicles out of a variety of materials. The children discussed what their vehicles needed then found the perfect materials to create them.

Junk Model lorry

Look at this fantastic lorry!


Mrs Booth the lollipop lady visited Nursery to discuss how we should cross the road safely and why this is important. We then put these skills into practice, some of the children pretended to be cars and the other children crossed the road with the help of Mrs Booth.

Lollipop lady

Walking with bright clothes

"We need to hold daddy's hands" explained Tyler.


The children created maps to help them travel to a detination of their choice.

creating maps with pens

"I have 'X' marks the spot so we need to follow the road in our space rocket" exclaimed Maddison.

A Visit from PCSO Williams.

PolicemanPolice OfficerPolice Officer


This week is Democracy Week within the school. Nursery was very excited to join the Reception Class and meet PCSO Williams. The children listened carefully about rules and what might happen if you break these rules. The children also got to try on some uniform. 


"I am the police" exclaimed Kory

Poetry Day

For poetry day the children have been practising one rhyme to recite to the whole school. With the support of the Reception class Nursery recited ‘Wind The Bobbin Up’.  Nursery also joined in with Reception to recite ‘Row, Row Your Boat’. Nursery had lots of fun singing in front of the whole school and showed excellent listening skills when the remaining classes performed. 


Mark Making with Chalk

Today the children have been using the chalk to make different marks. The children have being interested in using large scale materials to create their marks.The children had a race to see who could draw the longest line. 

"That's my mummy and her foot" said Layla

"I can draw a circle" said Mia-Maddison

drawing a circleA footDrawing with the Chalk

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