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How much water?

Our current maths focus is on measuring and along with looking at weights and lengths we have been looking at capacity. We have taken our learning outside (so as not to flood the classroom) and have been undertaking practical activities with water to help us measure the capacity of different containers. We made lots of predictions and explored a variety of different containers. Here’s some of the things we discovered:

“The taller container doesn’t always hold the most water.”

“It’s hard to estimate if all the containers are different shapes and sizes.”

Toys, toys and more toys (but not as we know them).

Owl class had an unexpected case appear in the classroom, filled with lots of different items that we had to investigate. They turned out to be toys, but not as we know toys today, these were toys from the past. We enjoyed having a go at guessing what they were and how children in the past would have played with them, we had fun but still preferred today’s toys!

Toys come alive!!!

Owl class performed their class assembly to parents and the whole school today and I am so proud of the outstanding performance they put on! They have put in so much effort and have shown real resilience in order to remember lines and when to come on stage. I am so very proud of the way they have supported each other with learning lines, especially the poem they recited with actions. I think everyone who watched the performance will agree that it was amazing, especially the hula-hooping. It definitely left me wondering about what toys get up to. So what do you think… do toys come alive when you’re not watching?

How to stay afloat


In Reception and Key Stage One we have been learning about pool safety and the important rules that we must follow in order to stay safe in and around the pool. We learned about the importance of floatation devices, especially if you can’t swim and were set a challenge to use the materials we were given to make a floatation device for an action figure. We investigated and experimented with materials to find out which ones would float and which would keep the action figure afloat for at least one minute. To ensure we were successful we had to use our enterprise skills of working as a team, decision making, taking risks, problem solving and leadership.


Toys, toys and more toys!

To start this terms topic 'To Infinity and Beyond' we all brought in our favourite toy to share with the rest of the class. We looked at the features of modern toys and described the look, feel, materials and functions of our toys. 

We had lots of fun learning about each others favourite toys, some of them were so big they needed their own chair in the classroom!

In the coming weeks we will be learning about toys from the past and comparing them to modern toys to try to answer the question 'Which toys are better: toys from the present or toys from the past?' We will be linking this to our science learning about materials to help us to make an informed decision, so watch this space for updates.

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