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Fabulous flower arranging for Careers Week!

As part of our fabulous enterprise curriculum, the children were asked to apply for a job role to carry out this week. Three of our children from Squirrel Class - Melissa, Poppy and Riley - were chosen for the job. They learnt all about flower arrangements, including how to care for flowers. Here they are in action...


... and here are their final flower arrangements!














Wow, aren't they amazing?

Thank you so much to Flowers n Things from Spalding for their time and commitment. 





Year 5 visit Rutland Water!

As part of our commitment to provide enriching experiences for our children, Year 5 were invited to go to Rutalnd Water to experience mountain biking, rock climbing and high ropes.

The children thoroughly enjoyed our day and overcame many fears - including that of heights! I was so proud of their dedication, determination and resilience on the day.

Here are some pictures of our exciting day, but check out our gallery to see more!


Cavemen seen in Squirrel Class!

This term our topic is all about the Stone Age!

to launch our topic, the children imagined that were cavemen and women from 3 million years ago!

After studying the cave paintings of our ancestors, the children were inspired to create their own. But cave men and women did not use paint brushes to create their drawings, they used natural resources like wood, leaves, twigs, berries and animal blood! So the cave men of Squirrel Class went on the hunt for some resources to paint with....


Then back in class, they got to work! 


You you can see our excellent Stone Age cave paintings on our classroom display.

Year 5 visit Castleton!

Monday 11th April to Tuesday 12th April

Wow! What an amazing launch to our topic! Year 5 have visited the town of Castleton in the Peak District to learn all about the geography of the local area and to compare it to Wyberton.


Firstly, when we arrived we were in awe of the stunning grounds we were staying at!
We walked eagerly towards Treak Cliff Cavern

"It was exciting walking towards the Cavern, I didn't know what to expect!" Frankie
"I noticed it was different to Wyberton, there were lots of open spaces and the buildings had beautiful limestone bricks," Emily

When we got to the Cavern, we ate our lunch and then embarked on a tour of the deep caves.

"The cavern was dark and mysterious." Leah

"It was so much bigger than I expected! I learnt that some of the cave was man-made" Harry.

"We visited the witch's cave which was named after the witch called Gertrude. She was actually a shadow cast by the shape of the rocks in the cave." Kieran
"Some of the flowstone in the cave was smooth and looked like caramel!" Evie

"In one of the caves we saw stalactites and stalagmites! Some of them were named after the Seven dwarves!"

"In the last cavern there was a sheet which collected the water which is naturally filtered by the rock and is collected in a big tank. It was fascinating!" Frankie

Then we were met by Alison from the Youth hostel, who led our walk back through the fields to the Hostel. On our walk, we learnt so much information about the Red river, the fossil walls, the farming and the local area.

"The walk was tiring but we made it out alive!" Kiera

We learnt lots of new information about Castleton, such as that there were different types of stone that they used to build the walls.

After our walk, we had some time in our rooms, then it was time for our yummy dinner!

Our activities at night time included gem panning. This was amazing as the children were allowed to keep all of the gems that they found!

"There were a variety of colourful gems that we found, including blue john stone!" Olivia

Tuesday 12th April 2016

Fossil casting

Fossil casting was our first activity of the day. Rich told us about the sea creatures we found on our walk yesterday in the limestone walls.
We went to the car park and found ten different fossils in the wall of the car park. The whole hillside was made up of fossils!
We learnt that you shouldn't take fossils from the walls to not disturb wildlife, to not take down a section of wall.


Hats game

The Peak District National Park has been awarded outstanding natural beauty. We were shocked to find out that a National Park is huge! A national park is different to our local park. Rich helped us to understand about the different types of people we might find in Castleton including tourists, walkers, gift shop owners and cyclists.


Everyone else then had to decide who we should vote out of the village.

Our debating skills were put to the test. We were fantastic at debating whether each person should be allowed to stay in the village.

Lila "instead of selling all of the houses, we could decide that all houses have to be sold to the local people so that the young couple can get a house, therefore we can keep the businessman."

We concluded that all of the people were important for keeping the local area well maintained and to help it survive.

We had a fantastic time and cannot wait to apply our learning to our topic work.


Hockey experts take the lead!

 This term in P.E. our focus is Hockey. We are very lucky in Squirrel Class because lots of our children practice Hockey with Mrs Morris and some even play on the Hockey team! So each week Miss Lineker has tasked our expert Hockey players to plan and lead a session.

So far they have made fabulous teachers and under the watchful eye of Miss Lineker, they have planned activities, questioned the children and modelled different skills. As a result, the class have made brilliant progress and can all now hold a hockey stick correctly, as well as dribble the ball with increasing control. 

Over the coming weeks, we shall be leading up to playing competitive games within our class, applying the skills we have been taught.





"I am getting so much better at Hockey!" exclaimed Madison.

"I have really enjoyed teaching today - I could be a teacher when I am older!" said Harry.

"That's it Bradley, you have got brilliant control of the ball," Femmi said.

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